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Acorn Solutions has been serving its clients since 1997 (our former company name was Acorn Pacific, Inc.).  Capitalizing on many years of experience in computer technology, construction, business enterprise, corporate management, education, and economic development, Acorn Solutions can help you.  Our consulting practice aims to analyze your position and situation with an eye toward greater efficiency, more profitable effectiveness, better relationships with customers, clients, and employees, and greatly reduced stress.  Our training practice aids you and your staff to more productively utilize the computer software most suited to your business and communications operations. 

To obtain advice on what would be the best computer product (hardware or software) or business practice, please contact us. Once a customer relationship is established, we will share the information you need. Most inquiries of this type are answered without charge.

For more advanced diagnosis or analysis of your situation so you can make decisions, it would be essential to meet in your home or office or a neutral location, such as a library or restaurant. We will conduct a thorough interview to determine your needs and wishes. Consultation fees will be shared at that time. The initial consultation fee is $199.00, which includes the interview and a copy of the notes (60-90 minutes).

Ongoing consultation is billed hourly at $75.00 plus expenses (travel, supplies, forms, charts, brochures, cards, etc.). Our goal is to assist you in problem solving and organizing for the most effective results and efficient operations.

High quality computer and business products are provided as needed. We search diligently to find the best products that match your needs and wishes and are within your budget constraints. That includes used or refurbished products. We stand behind our products: new items carry the manufacturers original warranty; used or refurbished items carry a 90 day in-house warranty. We will work hard to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase and delighted how it meets your needs.
We prefer to set up the equipment that we sell, simply to make sure that it is installed properly and to train you how to get the most benefit from your product and how to care for it. If you wish to have product shipped to your home or office, please be aware that some warranties are void if equipment is not properly installed. If something happens because of improper installation, we have to charge our clients for any necessary repairs, parts and labor.
Software is usually only licensed by the manufacturer for the end user. Therefore, we do not "sell" software; we "sell" a license to use the software. We also believe the workman is worthy of his hire and that those who have created a product deserve compensation, therefore we do not install software that has not had the appropriate license purchased by the end user.